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Our Story

thinksound™ was founded by Aaron Fournier and Mike Tunney, who met while working at Tivoli Audio over a decade ago. After spending their formative years working alongside industry legends Cary Christie (Infinity/Artison) and Tom DeVesto (Tivoli Audio/Cambridge Soundworks); they decided the time was right to strike out on their own.

With the belief that products should be designed and manufactured responsibly, without sacrificing quality or price, thinksound was launched.

It all starts with the sound.

We started thinksound™ to make headphones that we would want to listen to; and we’re not easily satisfied. They not only had to sound amazing; they had to look good, feel comfortable in your ears and be designed and manufactured responsibly too. We gave ourselves quite the challenge. Back when we set out to do this; it was unheard of in the audio industry.

Over the years, other companies have taken notice. They’ve copied the design, the packaging, the accessories, and even have taken text directly from our website and catalog. While these companies and their headphones may try to look similar; it’s only skin deep. The sound, what matters most, just doesn’t compare. Don’t take our word for it either; read the reviews on our site.

We’re a small company. We work hard to make extraordinary products and offer them at affordable prices and we back all of this with unmatched customer service. We’re not happy accepting “good enough” and honestly you shouldn’t be either.

Thank you for supporting thinksound.

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Aaron Fournier

We're making smarter choices.

thinksound™ headphones are designed with the following features to reduce its overall environmental impact:

  • Wood is from renewable sources
  • Packaging is made from recycled materials
  • Smaller packaging size = less materials used
  • Elimination of plastic bubble insert
  • Cotton carrying pouch is sewn from renewable sources
  • PVC-free cables