digital trends"We found the On1 headphones engaging, immersive, full of detail… they’ll bathe you in the glory of gorgeous sound. We could listen to these headphones all day. And we have." Digital Trends Editor's Choice Award Winner

- Caleb Denison, Digital Trends

audioholics"While many like thinksound's Eco focus in their products, I care only about how they sound. The thinksound On1 headphones present accurate sound to rival the best in the price range. This is an easy recommendation for those that are looking for on-ear headphones."

- Tom Andry, Audioholics

HeadfonicsThe On1 headphone is "well worth it’s price… they are far more accurate, engaging and “audiophile” than some of the more fashion conscious meme driven cans on the shelves in today’s market."

- Marcus D, Headfonics

slashgear"The On1 are, first and foremost, beautifully constructed, with a look that is grown up and self-assured and an audio quality to match."

- Brittany Hillen, Slashgear

selectism"Since I started testing the On1, I have been impressed with the sound and stage that they deliver. Mids and highs are strong and present. Bass is just slightly colored to give slight emphasis on the low-end; this is a coloring that I prefer from closed, sealed headphones. Instrumentation in certain Radiohead tracks I tested are nothing short of impressive."

- Jeff Carvalho, Selectism

the new york post"Thinksound ms01 monitor series [are] my new favorites …there is no distortion on the ms01s. None. Even at max volume."

- William Vitka, The New York Post

macworld"..a clear yet layered sound that lets you drift off into your own world." ms01 RATED 4.5 out 5 Mice!

- Jonathan Stewart, Macworld Australia

stereophile“Though I'll probably always be attracted to the many varieties of headphones available, I know I need only one and it'll come from Thinksound.”

- Stephen Mejias, Stereophile

cnet“The thinksound ts02 has more bass than the Scout and A151, but it's so well controlled it didn't muddy the overall sound. On his "Driving Rain" album, Paul McCartney's Hofner bass was rendered with real precision, so every note's attack and pitch was never in doubt. I don't usually like overly heavy bass, but I have to admit the ts02's very generous bottom octaves were a guilty pleasure. Bass lovers take note, the ts02 should be on your short list!”

- Steve Guttenberg, CNET

wired"…there's one thing that can't be denied about these buds, and that's how great they sound. The wood housing, gold plated plug, and tight seal inside your ear all combine to deliver deep bass and well-rounded overall tones… the quality and fidelity of these buds makes them worth the price tag."

- Erin Biba, WIRED Magazine

the new york times"With extended listening, the most prominent feature [of the ms01] is the degree of detail. Listening to symphonic music, I could hear the background clatter of musicians bumping about, which was indistinct on my regular headphones."

- Roy Furchgott, The New York Times

What Hi•Fi?"This is an insightful pair of headphones, with impressive clarity and detail. They’re rather well balanced, tipping ever so slightly towards a crisp high end."

- What Hi•Fi?

slashgear"The first time I tried the ms01 buds out, the music I'd been listening to for months before came through in a whole new way, at a whole new level of warmth and depth. These buds are without a doubt the finest set of in-ear earphones I've experienced thus far."

- Chris Burns, Slashgear

My Mac"Comfortable and great-sounding headphones have the effect of making you want to listen more, more, and then some more. Time recedes, phone calls and Internet messages are ignored, and your family members and roommates become increasingly annoyed with your obsessive listening. You have been warned: On1 headphones will take you to that place in life..."

- John Nemerovski, My Mac

msn"Once we did hit play, we were instantly sold. The ts02 earphones offer a deep, involving sound that punches several levels above its pricepoint… Their sound is wide and open - with performance that is more akin to a pair of over-ear headphones."

- Nik Taylor, MSN UK

gizmodo“Thinksound rains hold their own against any other earphone, up to and including the Shure SE115s, and that for any price, you're not going to find a set of earphones more attractive, or immediately distinctive.”

- John Herrman, Gizmodo

cnet"…the ms01 sounded great, and the stereo imaging was open, not stuck inside my head like it is on some in-ear headphones…The ms01 was more dynamically alive."

- Steve Guttenberg, CNET

Twin Geeks“Accurate musical reproduction is the raison d’etre of studio monitors and that’s where the On1 really excel… I had a particularly great experience when listening to complex layered songs, where you could pick out synth lines that lesser headphones would lose in the mix.”

- Twin Geeks

chris adler“These headphones compare very favorably to my high end studio models, in many cases better, and they have a conscience. Every little bit helps and there is no sacrifice here. Speaking of no waste – you can check out craigslist for all of my old ones!!! Ha!”

- Chris Adler – 3x Grammy Nominated Musician and Drummer for Lamb of God

tom malone“I tested the thinksound rain in-ear headphones next to other in-ear headphones made by big electronic and audio companies. The rain has amazing high and low frequency response and plenty of volume. I listened to mp3 files, m4a files and AIFF files on my iPod. The thinksound rain is an amazing value for high quality sound reproduction for a reasonable price.”

- Tom Bones Malone, Musician/Arranger at The Late Show with David Letterman

josh wilbur""It's a great feeling walking around NYC cranking a new record i just finished on my thinksound headphones! Sounds great!"

Josh Wilbur – Grammy winning record producer and engineer

stereophile"About that sound: I found it immediately engaging, with fine resolution of detail, easy highs, clear mids, and a bold, robust bass. Happily, this was not the bloated, overripe bass I heard with the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, but a much better controlled and more musical variety."

- Stephen Mejias, Stereophile

Life of Android"Clean, Green and sonically supreme, the thinksound ts02+mic are the ideal Android accessory for those who demand more from their mobile music."

- Stuart Pritchard, Life of Android

selectism"What we like about the Thinksound MS01 is how well it adapts to portable devices; while shining well when plugged into a dedicated amplifier. On the iPhone, users will instantly appreciate how balanced the bass response from the 8mm aluminum driver is. They call it "acoustically enhanced" sound which translates into better resolution and oomph on listen."

- Jeff Carvalho, Selectism

Gadgety News"…the sound reproduction is nice and warm and gives a decent amount of bass without being overpowering."

- Jay Garrett, Gadgety News

pocket lint"These earphones really grew on us over the time we were using them. The sound is clean, crisp with plenty of range to it. Mid and high are very well represented, and there's just enough bass for most people too… for pop, electronic music and rock, they're ideal."

- Ian Morris, Pocket Lint

digital trends"We liked the ms01's bass response immediately. Unlike so many of the in-ear headphones we've listened to recently that advertise "powerful bass" only to deliver disproportionately loud low-end across a huge cut of the frequency range, there's nothing forced or artificial about the ms01. These earphones managed to dig deep, yet stay fast and musical as they rendered excellent tonality."

- Caleb Denison, Digital Trends

chip chick"Music sounds fantastic and true. Musicians and anyone who plays music will have an appreciation for the accurate reproduction of sounds. Listening to an acoustical artist like Beirut, where most songs feature a myriad of instruments, is a heavenly experience."

- Scott Schaen, Chip Chick

earth techling"Indeed, the detail is so fine that when we listened to the 3rd movement of Brahms' Trio No 1 while wearing these earphones we could actually hear the pianist pressing and releasing the footpedal, accompanied by the sound of the hammers lifting off the strings. No other high-quality earbuds we tried could match that feat."

- Stefan Durham, Earth Techling

okay geek"High's and mid's are as rich as you can imagine. We listened to "We Are The People" by Empire of the Sun and could hear guitar strums and the vocals clearer than we ever experienced before… Layers of music are dissected like a knife through warm butter and we couldn't be more satisfied."

- Ricardo Trejo, Okay Geek

android community"What these buds do best is sound: they're nothing short of the richest and most accurate-sounding earbuds I've ever had, short of custom-fit models at three or four times the price."

- Michael Crider, Android Community

the new york post“The ts02s bring a nice, warm richness to anything you play through them. Particularly on the bass end. These are earphones practically begging to have serious bass run through them.”

- William Vitka, The New York Post

the new york times“I tried a pair of Rain headphones from Thinksound and found that the wood earbuds do deliver a balanced, natural resonance that is lacking in many headphones for portable audio players.”

- Rik Fairlie, The New York Times

macworld“The ts02+mic is a great headset with a beautiful design, a warm and relaxed sound, a great microphone, and a unique emphasis on envrionmentalism." RATED 4 out 5 Mice!

- R. Matthew Ward, Macworld

the boston herald“Progressive audio-tech company thinksound presents the first earbud headphones that filter out both ambient noise and guilt over the size of your carbon footprint. These stylish, high-definition babies are made from real wood (renewable resources, naturally). But the most natural component is the sound itself: speaker-like acoustic resonance right in your ears.”

- Martin Caballero, The Boston Herald

turntable kitchen"I'm more than happy to recommend the Thinksound ts02 earbuds… They offer excellent sound reproduction at approximately a fifth of the cost of the Westone 3s. Even better, ts02 are a guilt-free purchase as they are eco-friendly having been manufactured with sustainable and recyclable materials."

- Mathew Hickey, Turntable Kitchen

the gadgeteer“The voices were rich and full; they gave me chills. I'm listening to Colin Hay's Going Somewhere as I write this. It's just his voice and an acoustic guitar, and it seems like he's standing right behind me as he sings."

- Janet Cloninger, The Gadgeteer

selectism"…the thinksound ts02 performs above the fold: vocals are clearly heard through the music and on the all important bass end, the ts02 shines very well."

- Jeff Carvalho, Selectism

droidLife“I have nothing but good things to say about the ts02+mic. In fact, I’d put these up there with my Solo HD Beats by Dre… Seriously, this wood thing they’ve got going on is truly a work of art."

- Kellex, DroidLife

cnet“The thinksound ts02+mic earphones offer an environmentally-friendly design that is both lightweight and comfortable, and the all-wood earpieces deliver lovely, natural sound and deep, resonating bass.”

- Jasmine France, CNET

iFans“The ts02s have very deep, powerful bass that is the loudest in the spectrum, but it still find itself in the background and not intruding upon anything. The bass is beautifully textured with lots of impact… These cables don’t tangle at all, haven’t had them tangle once on me yet, which is astonishing to say the least! These cables are built to perfection."

- Marcus Ngyuen, iFans

run around tech“We all want to do our part to help the environment. I get that. But let’s be perfectly honest. Most of the time we’re not willing to sacrifice quality to do so. With thinksound’s ts01 Sport you don’t have to. What you get is a great sounding headphone, that looks good and is super comfortable in your ear… If that’s not a Win/Win then I don’t know what is."

- Larry Greenberg, Run Around Tech

all tech related“What was most impressive about the Rain headphones, and was clearly inherited by the ts02+mic model, is the immense soundstage these headphones seem to produce… You feel like the music originating from the center of your head whilst coming from in front of you as well as the sides at the same time. It sucks you into the music much more as it essentially envelopes you in great quality sound." RATED 5 out 5!

- Matthew, All Tech Related

geare magazine“There is no sonic slippage for going eco here — we loved the audio, indeed these are our favourite in-ear designs for a long time, quite an achievement given that the price includes an inline mike so they double as a hands-free extension for your phone.”

- Jez Ford, Geare Magazine

digital trends“Thinksound has a solid winner on their hands with the ts02+mic ear buds. Audio enthusiasts should find these ear buds sound great with most, if not all music genres; imaging and a warm midrange really make the ts02+mic stand out.” Rated 8/10!

- Ian Bell, Digital Trends

Headfonics"To get a lively engaging earphone that doesn't leave you worn out or need plenty of breaks is a rare thing. I think the team at Thinksound was smart enough to go easy on the uppers to achieve that."

- Marcus D, Headfonics

AppModo“If you want the absolute best in sound quality and noise isolation… look no further than Thinksound’s ts02 8mm headphones.”

- Mike Lata, AppModo

cult of mac“They made the San Francisco Bay Area Transit and CALTrain actually enjoyable. On the phone in the car, they were clear and filtered out a lot of the road noise. While exercising on my indoor cycling trainer, the fit was comfortable and the inserts didn’t slide out of my ear once I got a little sweaty… I also listened to a variety to music genres from Rock, Jazz, Pop (no Justin Beiber) and Classical and was very satisfied with the how well they were balanced across the frequency spectrum.” ts02+mic rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars!

- Cult of Mac

run around tech“I found the ts02+mic headphones to be great. The multiple ear fittings make finding a comfortable fit easy, and the sound is really nice… I think you’ll be impressed with the design as much as I was – and you’ll most definitely be impressed by the sound quality.”

- Marc Hawkins, Run Around Tech

design milk“Made from real wood from renewable sources, the environmental considerations don’t stop at the bud. They also use PVC-free cables, minimal plastics, bleach-free recycled packaging materials… I know what you’re thinking — yeah, that’s nice and all but what about the sound? Thinksound headphones were created by an audio engineer and a creative director who worked at a large audio company, so there’s no shortage of crisp, clear tunes.”

- Jaime Derringer, Design Milk

beatweek“The ts02+mic has more over the previous ts01 than just the addition of on-board controls, as the already crisp audio sees improvement with the new generation... if you place a premium on the kind of natural-sounding audio from wooden earbuds, then the ts02+mic earbuds are worth consideration. As I said, they’re the best-sounding wooden earbuds I’ve tested to date.” RATED 4/5!

- Bill Palmer, Beatweek Magazine

ilounge“Music sounds natural, nicely balanced, and reasonably detailed without being clinical— we’d call the sound signature “nice,” and we liked hearing tracks from the first moment we put TS02’s comfortable rubber tips into our ears.”

- Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge

gear diary“At 8mm the ts02+mic is a smaller earbud than some of the competitive products I’ve tried but that doesn’t mean it’s missing the mark when it comes to sound. The ts02+mic fits comfortably and its high-definition driver pumps out warm sound that is as clean as the artist who made it probably intended.”

- Larry Greenberg, Gear Diary

real world labs“Audio reproduction is excellent with deep bass stealing the show, build quality is great with renewable materials used while the in-line microphone works like a charm.” ts02+mic awarded the Editors Real Deal Choice Award

- Nik Kastrantas, Real World Labs

chip chick“Thinksound is a brand that is near and dear to our hearts at Chip Chick. The fact that they produce the most eco-friendly headphones and place a large emphasis on reducing environmental impact in design and packaging, is just a bonus for us. We actually love them because they sound awesome!”

- Scott Schaen, Chip Chick

Tom's Guide“thinksound takes the term eco-friendly and applies it to its products in every way possible. From the PVC-free cables to bleach-free and recycled material-based packing, to the wood and cotton from renewable sources, the rain and ts01 in-ear headphones are environmentally-conscious.”

- Tom's Guide: Green Ribbon Tech Pick

the boston phoenix“A game-changer looms on the horizon; if you can’t hear it, perhaps you need to replace those standard-issue plastic iPod earbuds… The hi-def Rain model that the Phoenix test-drove proved to be not just crisp, but downright orchestral-sounding.”

- Chris Farone, The Boston Phoenix

bpm magazine“If you want quality and a nice aesthetic, thinksound has made some earphones just for you.”

- bpm magazine

macfeed“We swear that thinksound made an earphone just for us. It’s the perfect balance as far as we are concerned. A tad bit bass-heavy, but still one of the smoothest earphones on the market… if you pass these up – you should just be banned from music. Oh yeah, they look super cool as well.”

- Macfeed: Best Audio Product

Hypebeast“As a brand conceived with the environment in mind, thinksound’s line of earphones aims to make an impact with a different and sustainable approach. Their quest to balance outstanding earphone performance with the environment results in the use of sustainable wood materials, PVC-free cables and packaging created from recyclable materials.”

- Hypebeast

Musical Musings“The sound quality alone is something special but Thinksound’s commitment to producing not only great sounding but environmentally friendly products is unmatched in the industry.”

- Justin McBride, Musical Musings

geeky gadgets“Sound wise, the ts02 have excellent sound quality, and produce a rich, and warm sound, which is clear and crisp, and overall the sound quality is very good.”

- Roland Hutchinson, Geeky Gadgets

bob minner“My Thinksound Rain earphones are amazing. Being a professional acoustic guitarist, I know full well the tonal enhancement real wood can offer. Now, Thinksound has brought the advantages of real wood to earphones, and yes, there is a difference. And with the extra silicone ear inserts, you can get a perfect fit to optimize the sound. And the price is ridiculously low for such a high quality earphone. They are my constant companion on the road.”

- Bob Minner – acoustic guitarist for Tim McGraw

Color Magazine“Nice to see a company with humility and lets the product do all the selling. I found them to be better than another pair of buds that I bought for the same price as these …great sound quality and sonic depth.”

- Color Magazine

STATUS magazine“Made with sustainable wood materials, the music will resonate straight from Mother Nature herself. The sound is less digital and more natural than your typical metal or plastic earbuds…”

- STATUS Magazine

Fake Plastic Fish“And most electrical cables are insulated with PVC, one of the most toxic plastics. thinksound headphones are unique. The cables are PVC-free, and the housing is made from wood and aluminum instead of plastic. In fact, these headphones probably contain the least amount of plastic on the market. Even the ear inserts are made from silicone instead of petroleum-based plastic.”

- Beth Terry, Fake Plastic Fish

Petite Planet“Not only are thinksound rain headphones far superior to their mainstream counterparts, they are also sustainably designed and eco-friendly.”

- Petite Planet

European Car magazine“…wood construction not only gives them an amazingly distinctive look, but also creates unparalleled acoustics with the clearest, warmest possible resonance.”

- European Car Magazine

geeky gadgets“thinksound rain headphones sound very good, the sound is clear and crisp and clean…”

- Geeky Gadgets

the world's best ever“You know when the music feels like it’s right inside your head? That’s what these do.”

- The World's Best Ever

stuff boston“thinksound's headphones use wood from renewable sources, come packaged in recycled materials, and bring on the beats through PVC-free cables. As importantly, they look damn cool and stand out from those ubiquitous white ear buds.”

- Stuff Boston

Daily Grommet“Unlike standard-issue plastic earbuds, thinksound’s in-ear headphones are made with real wood, which creates a rich, crisp tone and a more natural resonance.”

- Daily Grommet

macfeed“When you buy the rains, you buy into the product as a whole: the commitment to design, commitment to quality, commitment to sound and commitment to the environment; for the record – buying in is a good idea. The total package you receive from thinksound is unlike anything else on the market...”

- Charlie, Macfeed

pc magazine“On bass-heavy songs like "Silent Shout", by the Knife, the TS01 conveys the deep resonance of the synth kick drum with grace, and never distorts, even at maximum volume.”

- Tim Gideon, PC Magazine

uncrate“Go green while upgrading your lousy pack-in earphones with thinksound rain & ts01 headphones. Both pairs of headphones feature wooden bodies sourced from renewable sources, and come in recycled, bleach-free packaging with a cotton carrying pouch that's sewn from renewable sources. Oh, and they sound good too...”

- Uncrate

digital trends“Eco-junkies and fans of high quality audio will be very pleased with the thinksound ts01 phones. They sound great, have a good build quality and best of all, they have a limited impact on the environment. Priced at $75, we feel that the ts01’s can compete with the best-known brands in this space.”

- Ian Bell, Digital Trends

gear culture“Looking for some eco-friendly accessories to supplement your iPod or PMP? ThinkSound offers incredible sounding headphones, such as Rain and TS01 created with the smallest carbon-footprint possible.”

- Gear Culture

beatweek magazine“Wooden earbuds are in something of a category unto themselves, as the audio they produce sounds a little less digital and a little more natural than what you’d get from standard earbuds made of metal or plastic... if you’ve ever heard a wooden stereo system and liked what you heard, the same principle applies here.” 4 out of 5 Stars

- Bill Palmer, Beatweek Magazine

chip chick“Their recently launched ts01 line certainly sounds incredible, and judging by the packaging and components, it certainly seems to be designed with the greenest intentions… Music is natural sounding and the bass is great.”

- Scott Schaen, Chip Chick

dragon steel mods“I believe for the price you're going to have a very hard time finding any pair of ear buds out there in this range that will beat these. You'll even have a hard time finding pairs that cost twice as much that are better than these truly.”

- Kristofer Brozio, Dragon Steel Mods

gear diary“Looks and eco-friendliness aside the bottom line with both of the thinksound headphones is they sound great... I found the sound quality matched that of some of the more expensive headphones I own.”

- Gear Diary

cnet“The earpieces of the thinksound ts01 headphones are impressively small, but what's really great is the array of eartips... Plus, you can feel good about your purchase since all the materials making up the earphones are repurposed and fully recyclable.”

- CNET - Best earbuds for small ears

treehugger“Popping some wood or bamboo on an electronic accessory is certainly not an automatic recipe for a greener, more earth-friendly product. But budding audio company thinksound has gone several steps beyond "that natural look" with its first two entries into the headphone market.”

- Treehugger

yurto“...when I heard about thinksound, I got excited. I have been hearing lots of good things about them: aside from giving excellent sound, they are eco-friendly!”

- Yurto

josh wilbur“Most heaphones nowadays are super mid scooped so you can't hear what's going on in the music... With these I can actually hear and enjoy the subtleties of the records I love.”

Josh Wilbur – Grammy winning record producer and engineer

cnet“ts01 earphones offered a more natural sound during testing, with a bit more resonance than you might experience from plastic or metal 'buds.”


john lamacchia“…rich, boomy, natural sounding headphones. I love them.”

- John Lamacchia – Musician, Candiria, A Family Plot, Rising Pulse Records