Why do you use wood?

Some of the most beautiful sounds come from wood instruments. It's a big part of why violins, pianos and guitars have been captivating us for centuries.

Wood has specific acoustical properties that can't be duplicated with plastics, or other composite materials. Its resonant properties play a key role in the natural sound reproduction of the lower frequencies. In our earbuds, the rear wood housing is designed to give more natural sounding bass and midtones. Meanwhile, our high frequencies are accurately produced by the small tolerances of harder aluminum housing.

Accurate, warm sound is what makes listening to a song feel more like a live performance. And our combination of materials, along with precision engineered drivers is what's responsible for our signature, award-winning sound.

thinksound founders

It all starts with the sound.

We started thinksound™ to make headphones that we would want to listen to; and we’re not easily satisfied. They not only had to sound amazing; they had to look good, feel comfortable in your ears and be designed and manufactured responsibly too. We gave ourselves quite the challenge. Back when we set out to do this; it was unheard of in the audio industry.

Over the years, other companies have taken notice. They’ve copied the design, the packaging, the accessories, and even have taken text directly from our website and catalog. While these companies and their headphones may try to look similar; it’s only skin deep. The sound, what matters most, just doesn’t compare. Don’t take our word for it either; read the reviews on our site.

We’re a small company. We work hard to make extraordinary products and offer them at affordable prices and we back all of this with unmatched customer service. We’re not happy accepting “good enough” and honestly you shouldn’t be either.

Thank you for supporting thinksound.

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Aaron Fournier